Rhonda Marshall


Below, please find screenshot images (taken from animated slides) pertaining to previous work I have completed for various projects. My experience evolves from Military Interactive Training and Videos (software procedures, hardware and equipment usage and assembly/maintenance, including LAV command center assembly, Airforce software procedures and operation, Navy funding/promotion videos, radar systems operation, ground radios communication/operation/maintenance, field artillery operation/maintenance), promotional slicks, marketing materials, interactive PowerPoint presentations, logo development, print posters, brochures, and promotional materials, technical writing, audio recording/editing, video recording/editing, plus much more.
With my experience, I am seasoned by working via estimated metrics, tight deadlines, and quick layout/design. Assembly of assets (sourced, illustrated) for a presentation, training, or video composition is what I do best.

The majority of the work I have completed is not available for display. Below, please find some examples related to my graphic layout/design. Any text in these slides were auto-fed via an internal programmed software which automatically pulled text inserted by our technical writers. Text, of course, can be utilized in many different ways other than these portrayed training modules. Also note that I am only able to display a limited amount of work, where a majority of the work is not available for display.

Please Note: The following images are confidential and are to only be used as a reference of my skills for this job opportunity and cannot be shared otherwise.




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