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Crystal Hill Cannabis Company

CHCC Anti-Aging Skin Salve Moisturizing Softening 1000mg Hemp Salve

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This amazing Salve from CHCC is custom formulated with the finest high quality full spectrum hemp (captures all the beneficial terpenes of the hemp plant), as well as other skin healing ingredients and essential oils.

Your skin will love you for this!  

Apply to thirsty skin and where wrinkles are prone to form or already forming.

At night, rub into skin liberally and give it a few minutes to soak right in.  This salve is wonderful and within a couple applications, you will already start seeing a difference.

You can also apply a light layer around eyes under makeup in the mornings, as well as apply a light layer to your chest, neck and hands (the most likely areas to start showing age!)

Have dry feet?  Rub some onto your feet and put socks on for the night!  You will have some new feet in the morning.

Dry skin?  Rub into dry skin to quickly leave skin soft and subtle.


For external use only.  Do not apply to broken skin.  Do not ingest. 

This product WORKS and is receiving RAVE REVIEWS from our customers.  Give it a try.  We honor a 30 day refund policy if you are not satisfied.


Light and Love ♥