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Crystal Hill Cannabis Company

CHCC HEMP FIRE LOGS sustainable USA grown Emergency Heat Campfires 6 PACK

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These new innovative fire logs burn consistently and evenly for at least 1.5 hours producing a nice steady fire and a heat source.  Great for camping and campfires.  
Throw into your backpack or camping gear!  Lightweight and easy to use!


Each fire log will burn at least 1.5 hours. 

  1. Remove the hemp log from the package and light on fire.
  2. The fire will gain momentum quickly and burn at least 1.5 hours

Patent Pending



Please follow all burn laws for your locality.  Use safety precautions when working with fire.  Ensure you have proper means to extinguish the fire when done.

This is a hemp sustainable product and contains no THC.  Do not smoke or ingest this product.

This product is patent pending.


Crystal Hill Cannabis Company