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Crystal Hill Cannabis Company

Hemp Fire Starter GIFT SET with Burlap Bag and Magnesium Flint

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Hemp Fire Starters with Burlap Bag and Magnesium Flint with Small Burlap Bag.
This is an excellent gift to give that shares this wonderful product and shows your support of USA Hemp Farmers.  
This set includes:
  • Bag of hemp fire starters
  • Large burlap bag
  • Magnesium Flint Lighter
  • Small Burlap Bag
These new innovative fire starters quickly burn with a match or lighter.  They burn for up to 15 minutes, enabling them to start any fire or charcoal grill.
These amazing fire starters even work when wet!  Great for camping!

Please help support the Hemp Industrial Revolution!
Purchasing this product helps support USA farmers trying to develop a sustainable commodity for our Country and World.


  1. Remove a hemp fire starter block from the package.  Place it within the material you plan to burn (wood, charcoal, or your desired burnable material).
  2. Light the hemp fire starter block.  It will quickly start to burn.  
  3. Wait a few minutes for your desired material to also ignite.


Please follow all burn laws for your locality.  Use safety precautions when working with fire.  Ensure you have proper means to extinguish the fire when done.

This product is only for starting fires.  This is a hemp sustainable product and contains no THC.  Do not smoke or ingest this product.

This product is patent pending.


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